Avoiding Tight Slots

Along with our information about hunting down loose slots, there’s also ways to find (and avoid) the tighter slots at the casinos. You do have to remember that every casino is different, and they all move their machines around regularly to challenge people that think they know where the good paying machines are. if you find a machine that works for you one day make sure that you go through the same steps the next time you visit.

Casinos also have placement strategies for the tight slots. That’s how they get back the money that the loose slots are paying out. Usually the casinos will have the tighter slots in the more secluded areas that are a bit more out of the normal line of public traffic. They can also be where there aren’t that many other slot machines, or players, are. The thing to do is think how the casinos would think. Where would you put the machines? We’ve outlined a few areas where the tighter slots are usually found.

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