Financial Advice

Gambling can cause a lot of debt problems if it’s not done responsibly, and it’s not just the gambling addicts that get into trouble.

If you have money problems, you’re not alone. Most people face financial difficulties at some stage of their lives. It doesn’t matter if it’s caused by gambling, illness, the loss of your job or any of the many other reasons that can put a strain of your finances, the situation doesn’t have to keep getting worse.

If you, or someone you know, is having financial problems, there are lots of options to consider:

  • Realistic budgeting
  • Credit counseling
  • Debt consolidation
  • As a last resort, personal bankruptcy

Which one will work for you depends on you, your level of debt, your level of discipline and your prospects for the future.

In this section we have tried to find some advice to help people see what can be done, and how they can help themselves to control the problems that they are having.

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