Finding Loose Slots

If you had to pick, you’d much rather play loose slots wouldn’t you? I know that I would, and everyone else I know would as well. Unfortunately, the casinos don’t tell us where the loose slots are so we don’t usually have much of a choice about it. if the casinos told us where the loose slots were they’d be loosing out on their profits, and soon go out of business. The good thing is that finding the loose slots on the casino floor isn’t all that difficult.

Because loose slots are around to attract more players to the slot machines, the casinos usually have a slot placement strategy to get the most out of them. Since loose slots tend to pay out more, the casinos want them closer to the public, so everyone can see the machines doing what they are supposed to do – pay out! it’s another form of advertising for the casinos. if someone walks past the loose slots and sees someone else winning, they are likely to head on over and play a few games themselves.

On the following pages, we’ve outlined a few ways to seek out the loose slots in the casinos, so keep these points in mind next time you visit.

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