Slot Machine Myths

Because the slot machines are all a game of chance, it’s no surprise that a lot of slot machine myths exist. all it takes is one person with a small superstition about something a little bit out of the ordinary and suddenly it spreads like wildfire. The probability of slots can be very tricky, even for experienced gamblers, because it’s is only ever a prediction about what is going to win. These numbers are never a “sure thing”.

Another very important point is to pay attention to the payout tables. There are many myths doing the rounds about bigger jackpots meaning better winnings., but these are all very inconsistent with what’s written directly on the machines. While a payout on a higher denomination slot will be better, you do have to take into consideration how much extra it will cost you to get that payout.

We’ve outlined a few of the more popular slot machine myths over the next few pages, so have a read through and see if we can’t dispel a few of those old beliefs.

I’m sure that after you have read the slot machine myths and the factual details of each, you will have a clearer understanding of how slot machines really work. It’s easy to misinterpret things we don’t fully comprehend and even easier when luck is involved. So, whether or not you’ll need your lucky pendant the next time you visit the casino is up to you.

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