Slot Machine Pay Tables

The Pay Tables on real life and online slot machines are one of the main things that causes confusion about playing online slots and real slots. We have put an example of a real online slot machine pay table here so that we can try to help you out trying ot understand the way that the pay tables work.

Online Slots Pay Table at Loose Slots

As you can see, this is a fairly simple example of an online slot machine pay table. The Pay Table is shown above the reels and show show much you will be paid for each different combination of symbols that you have been given in your online slot game.

On the left hand side you’ll see a small list of symbols, and these show what symbols you need to get three of on the pay line to collect the amount next to them. The amounts vary depending on how many credits you have bet. As you can see by looking at the pay table of thsi onlien slot machine, if you were lucky enough to be betting 3 credits and you got a spin of three of the special jackpot symbols you would get a payout of 240 credits. That.s a great percentage for a payout.

But be warned, these big amounts don’t happen that often. Even the best casino (real-life casino or online casino) is never going to pay back 100%, so if you can walk out of anywhere even you’ve done well. Remember, don’t ever bet money you can’t afford to loose, and when you’ve reached your limit for that time, walk away and think about how much fun you had while you were there.

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