Slot Machines Terms

We know how confusing some slot machines can be, so we’ve put together this list of normal slot machine terms to help out our fellow slots players. If there’s a term that you’ve heard that’s not included here, please let us know so we can add it to our list.

Loose Slots

Loose Slots are the slot machines that are set to pay out at a higher percentage then the slot machines around them. These are what all of us slots players are seeking out. This site is dedicated to helping you to find these loose slots. For more information on how to find loose slots in your casino, please see our ‘Finding Loose Slots’ section.

Tight Slots

Tight Slots are the slot machines that are set up to pay out a lower percentage then the slot machines around them. These are what we all try our hardest to avoid. To find out more, visit our ‘Avoiding Tight Slots’ section.

Pay Line

The Pay Line is the line through the symbols that you can win on. This may be straight across the middle, from corner to corner or some other weird and wonderful pattern. The pay lines that are available vary for each different slot machine, so make sure to check out the pay table before you play.


The reels are the big “wheels” that spin inside the slot machine and show you the symbols that will let you win. These are set up to stop at random spots so there’s always a chance of winning the big one.


Credits are what you bet on the slot machine games. One credit can substitute for a wide variety of money values. Some machiens have credits of $0.01 and others go as hing as $5 or $10 per credit!


A Payout is what you get whn you win and take your money out of the machine. In real casinos there are limits on the amount that most machines will pay out in coins, so if you are lucky enough to win over that amount, one of the casinos slot attendants will organise a payment slip that you’ll be able to cash at the cashier.

Pay Table

The pay table shows you what groups and combinations of symbols on the slot machine reels will win, and how much each combination pays out. There’s also informaton about any special features on that machine, so it’s a good idea to have a good look at the pay table before you start to play.

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